Joyful Lightroom Import

Truth be told, I'm not a preset person, not really. In fact, this is the only preset I use on all of my images.

I don't believe in fad photography. I believe in long-lasting images that are timeless now and 100 years from now. I use this preset and then make changes to my images as I see fit (usually just adding contrast).

It's not meant to drastically change your photo, or add a mood to it. This preset is meant to:

  1. Brighten skin tones
  2. Sharpen edges
  3. Reduce noise
  4. Brighten shadows
  5. Correct lens distortion
  6. Enhance color
  7. Save highlight details
  8. and a few other things...

It's a no-brainer addition to your workflow.

Here are the before and afters:


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