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Branding Isn't Pretty

Having an attractive and smart brand in today's world is a prerequisite for clients even considering your services. 

In order to get paid like a pro, you need to make sure your business is professional all-around and attracts the ideal clients that you want.

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Vanessa Joy is a Canon Explorer of Light that has been an influential speaker in the community for over a decade. Starting her photographic journey in 1998, she has since branched into public speaking, earned 5 college degrees, received a PPA Photographic Craftsman degree, and been named a WeddingPro Education Expert, sponsored by Canon and Profoto to name a few.


Vanessa has spoken at almost every major convention and platform in the event industry such as CreativeLIVE, The Wedding School, Clickin' Moms, WPPI, ShutterFest, Imaging USA, Wedding MBA, WeddingWire World, MobileBeat, in addition to hosting personal workshops and numerous small business and photography conventions around the globe.

Recognized for her talent and more so her business sense, her clients love working with her and industry peers love to learn from her tangible, informative, and open-book style of teaching.


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