Photographer's Guide to Second Shooting

Get hired, wow-them, get hired again, make more money.


The Secrets To Perfect Pictures

Your job as a second shooter is to catch what the main photographer doesn't...and 16 other things I mention in this ebook. This is how YOU can capture perfect moments!

Have a second photographer? Give this ebook to your photographers to make sure they know what to do when working for you!

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No More Confusion

Set the clear and distinct roles every second shooter should know.

Highlight the Obvious

Think you can hand out your business cards at a wedding? Think again!

Set Expectations

It's not just about the gear they use, it's about how they use it. 


Vanessa Joy is a Canon Explorer of Light that has been an influential speaker in the community for over a decade. Starting her photographic journey in 1998, she has since branched into public speaking, earned 5 college degrees, received a PPA Photographic Craftsman degree, and been named a WeddingPro Education Expert, sponsored by Canon and Profoto to name a few.


Vanessa has spoken at almost every major convention and platform in the event industry such as CreativeLIVE, The Wedding School, Clickin' Moms, WPPI, ShutterFest, Imaging USA, Wedding MBA, WeddingWire World, MobileBeat, in addition to hosting personal workshops and numerous small business and photography conventions around the globe.

Recognized for her talent and more so her business sense, her clients love working with her and industry peers love to learn from her tangible, informative, and open-book style of teaching.


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