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tether AND retouch headshots (at the same time)!!

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Evoto Tethering

Hey friends! It's Vanessa Joy, and today we're diving into a revolutionary way to shoot and retouch headshots simultaneously. Ever wish you could show your clients a flawless final product the moment you snap the picture? Well, buckle up, because with Evoto, you can do just that. Let's walk through how this magical process works, step by step.

Why Tether with Evoto?

I've been in the headshot game for a while now, and trust me, I’ve seen it all—from wrinkled shirts to stubborn glasses glare. But with Evoto, those issues are a thing of the past. Unlike other software like Capture One or Lightroom, Evoto makes tethering and instant retouching a breeze. It's simpler, faster, and the results are stunning.


Setting Up for Success

First things first, let’s get our gear in order. For this session, I had my clients intentionally wear wrinkled and stained shirts to showcase Evoto's retouching capabilities. Spoiler alert: it’s wild! We’re tethering with a USB-C cable, and let me tell you, IQ Wire is the best tethering cable out there. It’s rock solid, won’t short out your camera, and works flawlessly with my Canon R6 Mark II.


Starting a New Project in Evoto

Once we’re all plugged in, it's time to create a new project in Evoto. I named mine "Alina Headshot." Here’s where the magic happens—tethered shooting. It’s as easy as turning on your camera and connecting it to Evoto. A few seconds, and we’re ready to roll.

Selecting and Applying Presets

In Evoto, you can choose from various retouching presets. I have a special headshot retouching preset that tackles everything from skin smoothing to de-wrinkling clothing. Want to get rid of that annoying glasses glare? Done. Need to slim down a double chin? No problem. Evoto even has background adjustments that use AI to clean up or completely change your background.


Capturing the Perfect Shot

With everything set, it’s time to start shooting. I love how Evoto allows me to show clients only the finished product. They see the retouched, perfect image instantly—no more waiting, no more anxiety over unfinished photos. It’s an amazing way to elevate the client experience.


Real-Time Editing

One of the coolest features? Real-time editing. After taking a shot, Evoto processes the image instantly, applying all the selected presets. For example, I used a preset for natural wedding retouching on Alina, and the results were gorgeous—skin smoothing, hair brightening, and shine reduction, all in the blink of an eye.


Personalizing Each Shot

Every client is unique, and so are their photos. Evoto lets you tailor edits to each person. For Mike, our IT guy, I focused on making him look knowledgeable and approachable. For Alina, who’s also my talented editor, I went for a fun, trendy look with hard shadows and playful poses.


Proposal Surprise

Now, here’s a fun twist! During the session, I proposed to my partner. Yes, you read that right! Evoto helped capture the magical moment beautifully, from the initial surprise to the final joyous smiles.


Final Touches and Delivery

After the session, we fine-tuned the images with Evoto’s powerful editing tools. The software's AI capabilities, like background enhancement and catch light features, added the perfect finishing touches. Finally, we uploaded and delivered the images to our happy clients.


Evoto has truly transformed the way I handle headshot photography. It's efficient, user-friendly, and delivers incredible results in real-time. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting, I highly recommend giving Evoto a try. Happy shooting, and remember—great headshots start with great technology!

Thanks for joining me on this journey, and stay tuned for more tips and tricks from your girl, Vanessa Joy. Until next time, keep creating magic!

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tether AND retouch headshots (at the same time)!!

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